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Complete Electrical Inspection

Did you know that electrical inspections not only protect your current or new home from safety hazards, but they can also help you save energy and reduce overall costs? When you schedule a complete electrical inspection with DJF Electric & Construction, Inc., our team will check and verify the safety of your outdoor electrical systems, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, your home’s surge protection, electrocution hazards, the condition of light switches and outlets, and more. 

Panel Upgrades

As our household appliances and high-tech toys evolve, it’s important for your home’s electrical panel to be able to keep up, especially if you live in an older home. Avoid the frustration of electrical outages and complications by upgrading your home’s electrical panel. 

Service Upgrades

Don’t let aging, unreliable, and outdated electrical equipment drive up your energy costs and keep your devices from running smoothly. Updating your home’s electrical equipment is a worthwhile investment to keep your devices and appliances running safely and efficiently for much longer.  

Whole House Surge Protection

How many appliances and devices are plugged in at your home right now? From refrigerators and toaster ovens, televisions, computers, laptops, home security systems, smart devices, and more, you can imagine how much power is being used to keep your day-to-day functioning. Are your devices protected from harmful electrical surges? If the answer is no, we recommend Whole House Surge Protection devices to help divert harmful electrical surges (like a lightning storm) away from your home. 


When you need electrical repairs, big or small, you can rely on our team of skilled professionals at DJF Electric & Construction, Inc. to get your space up and running again. 


A home generator is a worthwhile investment to keep you and your family safe and your lives uninterrupted during unexpected power outages.

Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting is an excellent way to make your space look bigger, highlight certain areas of the room, and adds a modern and fashionable look to your home. 

Underground Electrical Fault Detection

If your property has underground cables, it can be even more frustrating when one of those cables fails. Our high-quality Underground Electrical Fault Detection service will save you from spending excess time and energy digging up the faulty wire. 

LED Lighting and Energy

DJF Electric & Construction, Inc. is ready to help you with all of your interior and exterior LED lighting and energy needs. Whether you’re making small renovations or a total overhaul, our skilled team of electricians are here to help.

24 Hour Emergency Service

When the unexpected hits, we’re ready to help you get your home back up and running. DJF Electric & Construction, Inc. is available to you 24/7.

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