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Complete Home Electrical Inspection

Over the past years of working with a multitude of realtors, we have learned that home inspections have become a key to buying and selling homes. Some cities even require point of sale inspections. DJF Electric offers a specialized electrical inspection that looks in detail at the complete electrical system of the house which is far more extensive than the standard home inspector can complete.

We give a complete estimate detailing safety and code violations that are present and need to be corrected. This inspection can be done as a prep inspection before the sale of a home which helps to ease the sale process.


Whole House Surge Protection

Eaton offers a whole house surge protection to protect those valuable electronics and appliances that are not normally protected from high voltage surges.

Underground Fault Detection

We offer underground wire location and fault detection. When you have underground wires short out we can pinpoint the fault saving thousands of dollars by not destroying landscaping.

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